About Grant

A no-nonsense approach to just deliver for our communities

Senator Grant Hauschild and his wife Grace are raising their young family in the Northland because they love it here. First and foremost, Grant is a father to Henry and Isla. He serves in the State Senate because he wants our state to be better off for our kids than it is now.

Grant brings a wide range of experience at the federal, state, and local level. From his time working in rural economic development for the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), to his time serving as a labor policy aide to U.S. Senator Heidi Heitkamp, he brings the breadth of policy experience to his role as State Senator.

While at the USDA, Grant assisted with administering grants and loans for rural small businesses, energy cooperatives, broadband expansion projects, and rural housing projects. When serving in the U.S. Senate, Grant helped draft U.S. Postal Reform legislation to keep our rural mail service intact and helped deliver special pay raises for hundreds of civilian air force employees.

Before becoming a State Senator, Grant had the privilege of serving his community as a local city councilor. In his mind, serving in public service roles have been the best jobs he’s ever had because he gets to work at improving the community around him and learn about the issues that matter most to people. From simple priorities like tax relief and infrastructure funding, to more complex challenges like childcare and workforce shortages, Grant understands the issues facing our communities because he experiences it himself every day.

In his day job, Grant serves as the Executive Director of a healthcare foundation where he raises money for patients and families who can’t afford the costs associated with their care. It may seem odd, but given the type of work he does, Grant’s goal is to make his job less necessary. No family should have to rely on fundraising or go-fund-me pages to get the care they deserve.

Grant believes that around the Northland, people go out of their way to have each other’s back. We extend a helping hand to one another – friends, neighbors, and even complete strangers. But we don’t just do it to make ourselves feel good, we do it because we know that life is that much easier when we have each other’s back. Grant believes our leaders should have our backs too, and that is how he approaches his role every day as the Senator for the Northland.

As a State Senator, Grant will focus on the bread-and-butter issues that matter most to our communities.

Grant will focus on bread-and-butter issues to reduce our costs & keep us safe

Eliminate income taxes on Social Security

Fully fund our schools with state funding to help keep property taxes from continuing to rise

Hold insurance & drug companies accountable for skyrocketing costs

Strongly support the mining, forestry, and tourism industries

Make historic investment in broadband and efficient low-cost utilities

Increase public safety funding for police and mental health services

Fix the funding gap for rural emergency medical services

Provide childcare tax credits for families, not tax cuts for millionaires